Kickin' Up Dust
Sandblast Rally
US Forest Service Roads, Upstate SC,  March 2015

Chris Greenhouse got 2nd overall and first in 2wd in this rapid Dodge Neon
Waiting for battle at the Parc Ferme

Why they call it Sandblast Rally
Natural tunnel

Details Details

Old E30's never die they just go rallying

Dusk fell on stage seven

Eric Wages in stage one

Jesse Yuvali kicks up the sand

Eduardo Bancalari at stage three

I wasn't there for the bikes, but plenty were on hand

Selective focus

An Audi S2 amongst the pines

For Old Times' Sake
HSR Walter Mitty Historic Races
Road Atlanta, April 2015

old Porsches never die, they just learn to fly

an Ex-Jackie Oliver Shadow DN1 leads an Ex- Mario Andretti Parnelli VPJ-4
Anddretti Parnelli Shadow DN4

Gorgeous Jaguar XJR7/8.  You have to meter on the subject not the sky to get this one right.
Jaguar XJR7/8

Brian Redman celebrates the 40th anniversary of his 1975 Sebring win in the very same BMW 3.0 CSL
BMW 3.0 CSL Batmobile Brian Redman

Lola T-212 wears original livery to this day.
Lola T-210

Trans Am Oldsmobile Cutlass blurs the lines at the bottom of the esses.
Oldsmobile Trans Am

The legenday Brian Redman straps into his 1975 Sebring winning BMW 3.0 CSL                                                            Boris Said, 2015 Mitty Grand Marshall, next to one of the BMW M3's he made famous 
Brian Redman                                             Boris Said

Ronnie Peterson's March 761 Cosworth is still very fast. And the sound... Music!
Formula 1

Saturday Morning brought rain and, understandably, not many brought their precious machinery out to run in it, but a few brave souls met the challenge.
Toyota WSC

Turn Three can be treacherous in the dry, imagine it in the wet. In a 911....
Porsche 911

I know this car doesn't seem that old, but after twenty years and 3 successive generations of stock cars, its definately vintage.
NASCAR Chevrolet Lumina David Green

You never know what you might see at the Mitty- how about a 1965 Cheetah!
Cheetah 1965

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